We create wonderful things.

With entrepreneurship, innovation, and operational excellence at our core, we take a view of asking the hard questions – what if, and what now to fuel growth. Having lived through it ourselves, we understand that companies are built over time, but innovation and impact take different shapes and have surprising timelines.

Our strategy goes beyond flashing past. We provide a steady hand and smart heads along the journey.

Occasionally, we make venture investments – something new that we are beginning to think about.


Through our network of dreamers, inventors, engineers, and operators, we create ideas that disrupt and differentiate. We help to create business models built for scale, that can accelerate the trajectory and improve the short, mid, and long-term outcome of a business.


We partner with companies that are at an inflection point and where we feel we can deliver meaningful scale through innovation.

We work with founders and management teams of companies to accelerate growth, and to deliver past potential.

We scale robust, differentiated ideas helping them take measured risks to enhance their growth trajectory while operating with the discipline of a well-structured company.


We are founders-at-heart. We’ll always have this passion and so are starting to back audacious founders. Our focus (where we feel we can help the most) is seed-stage venture capital, focused on B2B SaaS.

We’re always happy to chat.