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Great News For SME’s: Innovation Funding of £19M Announced

New Funding To Develop Innovative Ideas Just in time for Christmas, Innovate UK has launched an innovation funding competition to support small and medium-sized firms to develop new and innovative ideas. To compete for a share of the £19 million fund, projects must demonstrate significant innovation that will lead to new products, processes or services in any […]

Dan Warne: Deliveroo’s MD On Driving Fresh Innovations

Dan Warne is the UK and Ireland’s Managing Director of Deliveroo, the innovative restaurant delivery service. Deliveroo has been delivering hot meals to the homes of people all over the world since 2013 and reportedly hit revenues of over £130 million last year. In the second instalment of our Innovation Heroes series, we talk to […]


Hiring: Social Media & Marketing Executive (Update: We Hired!)

Update 15-June 2017: We hired! We are very pleased to announce that we’ve found an extremely qualified social media manager called Kerry, who will be joining the BEAF team imminently! Look out for a proper introduction soon. BEAF Is Hiring! We currently have an exciting opportunity for a social media & marketing executive/manager, to look after […]


Less Is More: How These Low-Key Innovations Are Making A Difference

  Innovation Here, Innovation There…. Innovation is a term that gets bandied about rather willy-nilly. Seemingly ever other business now has an innovation arm, or at least someone with the title Innovation Manager. Or, more worryingly, ‘Innovation Guru’ – up there with Digital Prophet or Fashion Evangelist in terms of awful business titles. Business titles […]


Innovation: Do Me A Pet Rock Please

All Innovations Great And Small When people hear the word ‘innovation’ they tend to think of the newest iPhone or Elon Musk’s latest game-changing inventions. But innovation is both much more and much less than that. Much more, in that it does not limit itself to technological advances, but in the broadest sense means “something […]